Gospel-Centered Pro-Life Podcast

Gospel-Centered Pro-Life is a podcast hosted by Daniel Parks and Vicky Kaseorg. Daniel currently serves as the West Coast Regional Shepherd for Love Life and Vicky serves as Sidewalk Training Director for Love Life. Together they have a combined 25+ years of experience in reaching women and men at abortion centers across the nation. This podcast covers pro-life issues with a focus on Biblical truth and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Thursday Apr 06, 2023

The primary goal of Sidewalk Outreach is to bring glory to the Lord. Of course, we also want to know we're making a difference so it's helpful and encouraging to quantify the impact our work is having. Different sidewalk outreach teams and ministries often differ in how they count babies saved from abortion.  In this episode, we give some practical things to consider as you think through how to most accurately count choices for life in your city. No matter how a team determines the number of saved babies, the ultimate goal is always to bring glory to God, and that must be kept uppermost in our minds.

Thursday Mar 30, 2023

We always try to match the women who choose life with a mentor who will disciple them, link them with resources, and be a friend and guide to them. On rare occasions, our sidewalk outreach team members have played that role as well. In this podcast, we interview sidewalk outreach team member, Debbie Hobson, who mentored a young lady very successfully. We glean wisdom in how to effectively do what Debbie was able to do not only in sidewalk outreach but in mentoring as well.

Thursday Mar 23, 2023

We need to maintain a laser beam focus on our purpose for ministry on the sidewalks of abortion centers. This is not always easy and there are many distractions that can pull us away from what we are there to do or render us ineffective. The main culprit of distraction is our cell phones, but there are many sources of potential distraction. In this episode, we examine those potential distractions and offer encouragement to avoid them!

The Comparison Trap

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Sidewalk outreach ministry is often fraught with discouragement. We should not add discouragement by falling into the comparison trap. When we compare ourselves with other sidewalk teams, we can either fall so short that we feel disheartened or grow jealous of their effectiveness. Neither is helpful! This podcast examines how we can avoid the comparison trap and reframe what we are experiencing into encouragement and inspiration to improve.
Jon Acuff's “Kick Comparison to the Curb”

Thursday Mar 09, 2023

This is one of the most common questions sidewalk outreach teams hear as they counsel women to choose life over abortion. It is important not to dismiss the question, since at its core, it expresses a genuine underlying fear. However, it is equally important not to let that fear justify the murder of innocent reborn babies. This podcast gives practical tips on how to answer that common rationalization to abort.

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

The women we work with are typically in very desperate situations. They often have multiple needs and it is overwhelming for those helping them to prioritize the needs based on limited ministry resources. Even harder sometimes is assessing when a professed need is actually a want, not a necessity. This podcast provides strategies to help sidewalk outreach teams handle this issue from a Biblical perspective.

It Will be Worth it

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Getting and keeping sidewalk outreach volunteers is a continual issue. Sidewalk outreach is a very difficult ministry. At one point or another, most sidewalk volunteers ask themselves, “Is all this effort and struggle worth it?” In this episode, we answer that question with a resounding YES and Biblical support for our assurance.

Thursday Feb 16, 2023

Often, the women who come to abort tell us they are Christians and have submitted their lives to Jesus. Many believe they are going to heaven, and insist that they are good. In this episode, we talk about the need to challenge that deception and we give specific advice on how to do just that.

Thursday Feb 09, 2023

Many of the women we minister to who have chosen life and even submitted their lives to Jesus are blindsided when struggles continue or even accelerate. They question God and wonder why they are being punished or abandoned when they have made ALL the right choices. In this podcast, we outline how to help these women reframe their perceptions and conclusions in a God-honoring and empowering way.

Thursday Feb 02, 2023

In the book of Genesis, there are several first questions that God asks, Humans ask, and Satan asks. Exploring those questions and the core issues those questions raise can be very useful in helping us navigate the struggles and solutions from a Biblical perspective that we encounter in sidewalk outreach.

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